Senior Project Structural Engineer

Ballinger is seeking a Senior Structural Engineer to take a leadership role in the creation of safe, durable, stable, and efficient structures capable of withstanding environmental forces.  This position will be required to work in conjunction with architects, contractors and other professionals and communicate their designs to appropriate parties.  In addition, this position will be required to have excellent analytical skills and be able to apply mathematical and scientific principles to solve complex problems.

Position Responsibilities

  • Mentoring within and across disciplines with the goal of increasing knowledge sharing and collaborating towards a comprehensive, coordinated set of project documents
  • Lead multiple project teams within their discipline on
  • technically complex projects
  • Collaborate with broader project team as discipline leader
  • Interact with client on project issues related to discipline
  • Direct and perform engineering on projects: develop, execute, analyze/review and oversee progress on design and detailing for the discipline
  • Manage project drawing and specification production
  • Produce specifications, Statement of Special Inspections, and compile specification appendices related to the discipline.
  • Interface with specification admin and their deadline schedule/process.
  • Assist Chief Engineer in quality control reviews, project staffing and budgeting specific to their projects, team members performance feedback, and master specification and typical detail/drawing standard maintenance
  • Provide consultation within the discipline as a technical resource and actively share knowledge
  • Produce field site visit reports
  • Produce basis of design reports, systems matrices, and preliminary design reports on projects they are assigned
  • Engineering support in the form of standalone analysis modeling and documentation tasks within a larger project on project teams under direction of Senior/Project Engineer or Department Head Engineer
  • Active and direct role in document production
  • Interface and coordinate with other disciplines
  • Develop knowledge of Ballinger’s project types (health care, academic/lab/research, corporate/workspace) through active engagement with project teams and leadership
  • Travel as project requirements dictate for surveys and field/site visits during construction

Technical/Professional Skills

  • Advanced analytical and engineering evaluation skills
  • Advanced knowledge of contractual and liability issues
  • Advanced construction administration process and procedural knowledge, high level of responsiveness and collaboration with contractors and clients
  • Superior client relations
  • Superior work planning, time management, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Superior professional judgment
  • Proficient interpersonal skills and coordination efforts
  • Produce basis of design reports, systems matrices, and preliminary design reports
  • CAD & Revit proficiency
  • Excel, Word, and analysis software proficiency
  • Active role in drawing production, including but not limited to picking up redlines, quality assessment of individual work, coordination with other disciplines and coordination reviews and participation in team coordination meetings from SD through CA phases
  • Thorough understanding of discipline’s drawing and graphic standards, adherence to standards for quality and consistency in Ballinger’s product
  • Strong interpersonal skills, specifically communication, dependability, responsibility, and teamwork
  • Coordination skills, specifically communication, organization, time management, and adaptability


  • BS, BEng, or BAE degree in engineering relevant to the particular field of practice or equivalent as determined by the firm
  • Post Graduate degree preferred
  • Ten (10) years experience or more
  • PE Registration